Fragmentation Analysis

BallastAccurate size information for blasted rock has been an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Not any more. E&A can meet your measuring needs, however large or small. We are the distributor forĀ  Wipware Size Analyzers in the western half of the United States. We can provide one-time custom sizing studies using hand-held or mounted cameras as well as permanent on line analyzers. Our fully portable ‘Solo’ conveyor analyzer can be set up and running in a matter of hours. Fixed installations for run-of-mine size are typically mounted to capture images as rock is dumped into the primary crusher.

Fragmentation analysis services go beyond simply collecting data. Modeling software allows engineers to anticipate outcomes from changes in pattern designs. E&A draws on 3 decades of fragmentation experience and will help you navigate the learning curve so that your operation can quickly begin reaping the benefits that go with detailed knowledge of fragment size.

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